10 December 2014

2013 Bowman Inception Jonathan Singleton Auto / Relic

I'd been wanting to get a Jon Singleton autograph for my collection, but price was a factor for me. Then I actually started searching and realized that his prices aren't as high as I expected. Maybe his less-than-stellar 2014 and a marijuana-related drug suspension in 2013 worked in my favor? Hopefully he can avoid his drug and alcohol problems in 2015 and beyond, and put together a solid career.

After a few failed bids, I got a pretty good deal on a Jonathan Singleton auto/relic from 2013 Bowman Inception. The signature is pretty thick and messy, but he managed to get it all on the sticker.

After winning the auction, I took a closer look at the photo and got worried about that mess of scratches on his leg. Had I duped myself into buying a damaged card by not questioning why the price was so low? A little searching told me they were present on all the cards, and probably just a weird Photoshop enhancement.

Here is the back of the card. It basically just contains the usual Topps note congratulating the collector for receiving an auto/relic card and reminding the reader that Topps representatives witness the signing of each sticker and that the relic swatch can't be traced back to anything concrete.

Tonight is my last final for the semester, and after this I should have just one more semester left before I graduate with a real live Accounting / Business Administration degree. I have been laid low the last couple of days with a nasty cold bug, and I am hoping that it will go away soon. I am not much good to anybody when I am sick as I devolve to the mental state of your average small child, full of whining and moping and requiring many long naps just to function. One bonus of the time I've spent at home trying to recover is that I was able to scan a bunch of cards in for future posts and spend some quality time with my wife and kids.

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