01 December 2014

Danica Patrick 2011 Press Pass Gold

A couple weeks ago some eBay sellers were offloading a couple of huge Danica Patrick collections. I wasn't able to land anything major, but I did grab a decent stack of numbered parallels. Anything with Danica's face on it went for more than I wanted to pay, but most of the card showing her cars, haulers, pit crew, and whatnot were pretty cheap.

This first one is a Gold parallel from the 2011 Press Pass set. I had a scan of the back of the card, but Blogger ate it while I was shuffling pictures around. The card is numbered # 47 / 50, and it looks like this card features Danica's car after some front-end damage. That front-left fender just doesn't look right, and that front bumper's got quite a lean to it. Perhaps someone at Press Pass wanted to take a dig at Danica's perceived lack of driving skills?

In other news, some of the 2015 paint schemes were released a little while back, and here is Lionel Racing's rendition of Danica Patrick's 2015 car. I think it's a pretty sharp-looking car. I wouldn't mind getting the die-cast at some point, although it's hard to keep up with all of the paint schemes for a given driver. I still need her Aspen Dental and Florida Lottery cars from this year. Emphasizing the orange and black over the green does kind of make this look like a Halloween car.

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