19 April 2015

Jon Singleton Wave, Spirals, Laser Ice (Again)

I am still clearing out posts that I added to my Draft folder in January, although I am down to just a few of those. I picked up these pattern variations of Jon Singleton's 2014 Topps High Tek card shortly after the product released. I think I got them all from one seller, saving a little bit by combining shipping. I somehow ended up getting a couple copies of the pattern on the right, though, so that probably negated most of the shipping savings. Oh well.

These are the three most common patterns for AL teams. Cardboard Connection calls them Wave, Spirals, and Laser Ice. Although Singleton is not currently contributing to the team in any way, the Astros find themselves at the top of their division with a 6-6 record. I guess there are worse places you could be with a .500 record. 

I thought this was a pretty nifty play, worthy of filling out some space at the end of a low-content blog post:

Apologies if the video doesn't look formatted correctly. I am having a hard time getting it to cooperate with Blogger.

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