08 April 2015

2012 Greatest Heroes Iron Fist Sketch Card

Here is a sketch card I picked up a while back. It comes from the 2012 Greatest Heroes card set produced by Rittenhouse Archives. I think I was looking to fill out my sketch card collection with some of my favorite characters, and managed to get one half of the Power Man & Iron Fist duo. I still haven't picked up a Luke Cage/Power Man sketch, but I will get one eventually.

When it comes to sketch cards I can be a bit of a cheapskate, trolling the lower-priced listings for standout sketches. There is such a glut of sketch cards on the market that you can often find bargains if you are persistent and dig through the listings. I have picked up a few nice sketches from well-known artists in this way, but usually what you get in the $15 or less category are higher-quality sketches from lesser-known artists. In this case the artist is Rodrigo Martins, who has done sketch cards for a few Marvel-based sets. His work can be hit or miss, but this illustration is pretty good, with nice color work, great detail on the inking, and a nice use of perspective on the fist in the foreground.

I don't often really like the mystical characters in comics, largely because the authors who write them tend to be a bit too wordy for my tastes, but Iron Fist is pretty cool. He doesn't seem to get much respect compared to the big names in the Marvel Universe, though:

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