10 December 2015

At the Trade Deadline 37: The Prowling Cat Cleans Out His Clutter, and I'm Reaping All the Benefits, Part 2

The Prowling Cat is running a series of posts offering up excess things from his collection, and I claimed a couple of interesting things from him. In my first post in this series I displayed a 1993 Hostess baseball set, and in this post I am showing off the 1993 CARDZ Animals of the San Diego Zoo set. I was a missionary in San Diego for a couple of years (2000-2002) and I love animals, so this was a perfect addition to my collection. There are 110 cards in the set, with the first 85 separated out into general geographical areas. I selected a handful of my favorites to show off here.

Cards 86-95 feature everyone's favorite thing in the whole world; baby animals! I don't know if that California Condor chick is really all that cute, but the White Rhinoceros, Slow Loris, and Spider Monkey babies all definitely are.

On the top of this scan are a couple of horizontal base cards. They aren't part of the Baby Animals subset, but they do feature animal babies in the photos. Cards 96-100 are a subset called Behind the Scenes, and they show various things that happen at the zoo. This one shows a zoo veterinarian caring for an injured animal. Finally, cards 101-110 are Stand-Up cards, which can be cut apart and displayed.

I scanned some card backs that are representative of each subset. The regular cards have the common name of the animal, the scientific name, a short description of the creature, and a fast fact about the animal. The Behind the Scenes cards are pretty similar, and the back of the Stand-Ups feature instructions and cutting lines.

This is a pretty cool set, and I am glad that The Prowling Cat so generously offered it up. Thank you! My kids also really enjoyed this set. They've watched about a billion nature shows, so when they spotted some cards with familiar animals on my desk they wanted to play a flashcard game to see how many they could identify by the picture alone. They did pretty well and we had a pretty good time learning some new creature names. The next post in this series will feature a non-card item that I claimed from him.

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