02 December 2015

This Is What Happens When You Don't Know What You Have

Just about all I have left in my Draft queue is posts that will take a long time to write, and I've got a lot of other stuff going on right now that takes up a lot of time. I hate to have long pauses between posts, but I don't think I am going to be able to generate really interesting content for the blog with a lot of regularity for the next week or more. I am trying to move into a new position at work that could lead into a pretty good career track, and that means putting some time into reworking my resume and preparing for a potential interview. I feel pretty good about my chances, but I don't want to leave anything to chance. I've spent the last few evenings working through some online courses that serve as an introduction to the position.

I also have been working on losing some weight and increasing my fitness in anticipation of a military school I am signed up for in a few months. I've lost around 12 pounds since October, but I've kind of been stuck at that point for a couple of weeks. I am pretty good when it comes to push-ups and sit-ups, but as always my run time could use some work.

I bought this card on eBay a few months ago. Once I got to looking at it I realized that it looked pretty familiar, because I already had a copy. I had pulled the same card from a box I bought during last year's Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. Oops. It's a Press Proof parallel of Hakeem Olajuwon's Scoring Kings insert from 2014-15 Donruss Basketball. Pretty much everything in this product has many levels of parallels, so there are all kinds of serial-numbered cards in a given box of this stuff. It's a cheap, fun break without much in the way of big hit potential but plenty of color and inserts to keep it interesting. This Olajuwon card is # 158 / 199. This is the kind of thing that happens when you lose track of your want list or your collection as a whole. I don't usually wind up making a lot of duplicate purchases, but I get bitten every now and then. I imagine it happens to everyone a couple times during their collecting careers.


  1. Good luck with your hopeful professional advancement! I think that ranks slightly ahead of blogging on the priority list... Slightly.

    Also, if I had a nickel for every time I accidentally double purchased a card, I'd make my money back.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm in a good position to get the position right now, but I can't be too prepared. If I do get the job it will lead to more money for cards after I do a year or so of on-the-job training.

      I have double-purchased cards in the same shipment before (see my Goose Gossage post from a couple weeks ago). I don't know if I'd make my money back with a nickel per card, but I'd have a decent pile of nickels.

  2. I created my paper listing beginning in 1998 because of not remembering what I had. I have still purchased a duplicate here and there but it really helped. I really need to do a blog on the topic at some point.

    Great card! I really like the Donruss set from last season. I just finally got a box of it from the Dave & Adams Black Friday sale in the mail a few hours ago, and since I had a model club meeting I was only able to open a few packs. Looking forward to doing more, but my hand is going to hurt as I got 5 boxes from the sale.

    1. I need to get my collection cataloged somewhere. I have started putting it into Zistle, but I never finished it as my Great Sorting Project of 2014 ended rather abruptly when the Spring 2015 school semester began. I just never picked it back up after that.

      I really like the Donruss basketball set. It's a fun break. I really salivated over the Dave & Adam's sale this year, but didn't have the funds to place an order. Donruss Basketball was one of the boxes I eyeballed as I window-shopped the deals. I'm looking forward to your blog posts showing off the results of your box-busting.