26 June 2016

Danica Patrick 2011 Press Pass Showcase - Toyota / Save Mart 350

I picked up a handful of Danica Patrick parallels on eBay, so I've got a few more NASCAR cards in my collection to post on race days. There is a guy up in Canada right now who is listing what might be the most insane Danica Patrick collection in the world on eBay a few cards at a time. I can't compete for most of what he's listing, but it's been cool to watch his cards pop up in my feed. I didn't get these cards from him. They came from some other seller.

This card hails from 2011 Press Pass Showcase Racing. It's a Gold parallel and numbered # 085 / 125. These are described as being printed on double rainbow spectrum foil stock.

It's probably the coolest-looking card in this lot, but it's not the one with the smallest print run. In fact, it has the highest print run in this lot of four cards. I did finally locate some Panini Father's Day packs, so I have a chance at getting one of Danica's first Panini cards if that break goes right. I'm still waiting on them to ship, so it'll be a while before I find out. They are pretty numerous on eBay right now, too, so if the break doesn't pan out I'll still be acquiring a copy for myself soon.

This week's race is the Toyota / Save Mart 350 at Sonoma Raceway in California. Danica's average starting position at this track is 21.00 over three races and her average finish is 23.67, which is slightly better than her career averages of 26.00 (Start) and 24.59 (Finish). So far in 2016 her average start has been a little worse than her career average and her average finish has been a little better than her career average. Thanks, DriverAverages.com! A few Top 20 or Top 10 finishes would really help those numbers out, so here's hoping for a good weekend for her!

Update: After starting in 11th place, Danica raced to 19th-place finish and led 3 laps, rising one spot in the season rankings from 25th to 24th overall. It's too bad that she wasn't able to turn that good starting position into a Top 10 finish, but at least she was able to stay inside the Top 20.

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