16 June 2016

Pack of the Day 136: 2015-16 Panini Excalibur Retail Pack

I was in Target the other day and I decided to pick up a couple packs of cards for some blog material. One thing I've been looking at on eBay recently is the extremely hard-to-pull Kaboom! inserts from Panini's Excalibur product. The prices on these things greatly exceeds my budget, but I am hoping that someday one will fall into my price range. I am not even too particular about which player is depicted on it, although I obviously favor some over others. With that in mind, I grabbed one pack of 2015-16 Panini Excalibur from the gravity feed box in the card aisle.

Well, there's not a lot to say here. It was nice to pull a Dwight Howard card, as the Rockets are my team. The Clutch City sleeved jersey he's wearing is an interesting look, too. Design-wise I can't say these are all that exciting. They look to me like every other fancy-pants set on the market.

That Anthony Davis card is a Team 2020 set. If I were made of money I'd collect his cards because we both have unibrows. The Ben McLemore card is a Light Blue parallel, which is distinguished by the color of the foil. The bottom cards in this scan feature players on the two NBA Finals teams for this year. By the time this post goes live the Game 6 tip-off will be about 26 minutes away, with Golden State looking to win the Championship and Cleveland hoping to force a Game 7. I wish Panini would put full career stat blocks on their cards instead of these truncated 'last season plus a career line' stats they are fond of. Sure, you can get that information and much more from multiple online sources, but I want it on the back of my sports cards.

Well, that wasn't the most exciting of packs, but I did at least pull a Rocket and an Anthony Davis insert. I would have liked to pull a Kaboom! or Crusade insert, but if wishes were fishes we'd all open aquariums or something.


  1. You will probably have plenty of chances in the not too distant future to get one of those Kaboom cards at more reasonable prices, especially after everyone moves on to whatever is the most current hot item in a couple of months.

    Since it's always hard to tell with scans, do these have a mirrored background? Or is it actually white?

    1. Panini has been making the Kaboom! inserts since 2013-14 and they seem to hold their value pretty well, so if I manage to get one it'll just be because I am lucky. They stay hot.

      The cards have a white background. The only foil is in the banner along the bottom of the card and some of the accents on the Anthony Davis insert.