30 June 2016

N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens 24: Wheaten Game Hen

This Wheaten Game Hen is another card from the eBay lot of N20 1891 Allen & Ginter Fifty Prize & Game Chickens cards I purchased a little while back. This bird has been somewhat difficult to research, as I believe Wheaten is just a color pattern that is present in several different breeds. So I am relatively certain that this Wheaten Game Hen is a Wheaten-colored Old English Game Hen. I've seen some pictures of Old English Game Fowl that look a bit thicker than this bird, but I've seen a few that look thinner, too, with the higher carriage this bird is displaying. I don't know for sure. I would guess that in 125 years a chicken breed or two might go through a few changes. This is the 24th different card I've accumulated in the 50-card set, so I'm 48% complete. The text at the top on the front of the card is a little worn, but not to the point that I rejected it as being incomplete. I am maybe a little pickier currently than I have to be, but as long as I can find cards in my desired condition level I will keep to it. Not much else to say about this one, really. I am rapidly running out of chicken cards to post about, and then it will be back to the grind of searching for more.

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