27 January 2017

Another Addition to the Members Only Collection - Also Reaching Out to cynicalbuddha

Before I get to my post, I need to ask cynicalbuddha to get in touch with me about your prize from my contest. I e-mailed the address listed on your Blogger profile, but I didn't ever hear back from you. I'd love to send it to you, but I need an address.

I am not feeling particularly inspired to post tonight, but I do want to get through my draft queue, so I am going to post anyway. It feels like it's been a long week. The new supervisor at work seems like a pretty good guy, but change is always hard for me. He has a lot of knowledge, so it's been good to get his take on a few of the things we've been struggling with over the last couple of months.

Probably the most exciting event of the day was that I managed to get a spot for a Stan Lee photo op at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX in March. We named our three sons after Marvel comic book characters, with two of those characters being creations of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, so Stan Lee is a pretty big deal in our family. Supposedly this will be his last appearance in Salt Lake, so I was glad to get a spot. They sold out within one day. Now I just have to hope that my kids can manage to look at the camera for a few seconds without blinking or scowling or something.

I've been steadily adding cards to my collection of Members Only parallels from 2014 Topps Stadium Club. This Wilmer Flores card is another one. It sat on eBay for a very long time without anyone buying it, and eventually I got around to buying it. The Mr. Met patch on Flores' shoulder is pretty cool, and I like how blue the card front is in general. I don't have a lot more to say about this. When you're chasing a parallel set, there are some cards that are going to be more important than others.


  1. Nice card! Very cool that you get to meet Stan Lee!

    1. I'm looking forward to it. There is no doubt that Stan Lee's work has greatly influenced my life. I think the opportunity for me and my kids to meet him will be a very good memory for us to share throughout our lives.