03 January 2017

Maybe My Best Box of 2016 BBM True Heart Wrestling Cards

Today was my first day back at work after 11 days off. It was hard to wake up early again and it stunk to drive back and forth in the cold and snow (my drive home took almost twice as long as usual), but in some ways it was nice to get back into the groove of my usual routine. I didn't get nearly as much done during my break as I wanted to, but I did rent a giant dumpster and throw out most of the stuff from my garage. I also got mostly caught up on scanning cards and processing images for this blog, so I've got well over a month's worth of drafts in my queue. I should have sorted more cards for my great reorganization project, but I didn't ever drag myself down to the basement to do it.

When I ordered my box of 2016 BBM P★League bowling cards, I also added a box of 2016 BBM True Heart wrestling cards to my order. It turned out that this would be one of the best boxes of True Heart cards I opened this year.

The first autograph out of the box was the Kaori Yoneyama 米山香織 in the upper left. I had to look her up to get her name, as she isn't a wrestler I follow.

Things picked up after that, though, with Raz Card Blog favorite Command Bolshoi コマンド・ボリショイcoming out of a pack. I already had a copy of her autograph, but I will take a double of one of my PC wrestlers any time.

The next two autographs are special inscription autographs, which are distinguished by extra writing and colored ink. I don't know a lot about Erin えーりん, the wrestler on the bottom left, but she definitely went all out on her inscription autograph card. She also owns a dachshund, if her Twitter account is to be believed.

Last up is Makoto 真琴, who is another favorite wrestler for me. She is currently the REINA World Women's Championship belt holder. I've pulled her Cheki (Polaroid picture) and inscription autographs now this year, but not her base autograph.

The first two autographs were base autographs, so they have print runs in the 80's, but both of the inscription autographs were numbered # 4 / 5. These things are pretty rare. It's definitely beating the odds to pull two of them in one box, but this box wasn't quite done yet.

I also pulled a rare Cheki autograph out of the box. This one features Kyuri 弓李, and is numbered # 3 / 7. I also have a Kyuri photo autograph from 2015, so this is turning into an annual pull for me. She is a young wrestler, but not nearly as young as she looks. She's already got several years of wrestling experience.

I was excited to see a preview of the 2017 BBM True Heart autograph cards on Makoto's Twitter feed. At least I assume these are the autographs, as they have a nice big blank spot on one side of them. Most of the base cards in recent years have two photos on the front, with the autograph cards reusing one of the photos and leaving room for a signature. The 2017 cards are brightly-colored, and rumored to have a release date in mid-February. This is the only preview I've seen of them. I'll probably be good for several boxes of them throughout the year.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I was pretty happy with this one.

  2. Congrats on breaking the odds! The one on the left went all out for her inscription.

    1. Thanks! She really did write a lot on her inscription.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was nice to close out 2016 True Heart with a bang!

  4. Congratulations on pulling two autographs of two of your favorite wrestlers! And the Panda Paws is pretty sweet too.

    1. Yeah, I've been getting some good stuff out of 2016 True Heart lately. It makes it difficult to stop, so I can save some money for the pending 2017 release.