09 January 2017

Contested Shots 20: Announcing the Winners of My Contest

I've been trying to get to this for most of the day, but it seemed like things kept coming up. I recently announced a contest on this blog for a couple of 2012 SEGA Card-Gen doubles that I'd picked up, an Ichiro and a Yu Darvish:

The Darvish comes with a card case. These card cases (with cards inside) were prizes for the Card-Gen arcade game, redeemable by presenting a card from the machine to the arcade attendant.

According the contest rules, an entry was gained by commenting on the contest post and stating which card you would prefer to win. After the entry period, I would randomize the entries 4 times on Random.org. The person at the top of the list would get the prize of their choice, and the person at the bottom of the list would get the remaining prize.

Here are the 11 entries I received before closing things down, as well as the selection each entrant made:

The Lost Collector - Ichiro
cynicalbuddha - Ichiro
Al Kawamoto - Ichiro
defgav - Ichiro
arpsmith - Ichiro
Sports Card Collectors - Ichiro
Mark Hoyle - Darvish
Angus - Ichiro
John Hazen - Darvish
R Laughton - Ichiro
Tim B. - Ichiro

And now it's time to announce the winners! Here are the results after four randomizations:

Mark Hoyle was the lucky person at the top of the list. He bucked the trend and picked the Yu Darvish card and case as his prize, which means last-place winner cynicalbuddha also won his selected prize, the Ichiro card. I will be in touch soon to get shipping information. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for taking the time to enter the contest!