09 July 2017

Josh Wise Torque Auto Relic - Quaker State 400 Presented by Advance Auto Parts

It's been kind of a slow week for posting here on The Raz Card Blog. Most of the posts in my Draft queue are pretty old, and I guess I'm a little tired of looking at the titles and trying to pick one to finish out. I also don't really feel like scanning more cards or processing scans from the last couple of months. I am still collecting trading cards, and I enjoy that, but I am finding it difficult to sit down and do blog stuff. I am also focusing a little more on picking up original art in the form of sketch cards and larger sketches, either through eBay or commissions directly from artists.

For the 4th of July, MLB.tv had their service on sale for $17.76 for the rest of the season, and the military discount meant that I was able to get it for $13 and some change. I've watched a handful of Astros games since then, which has been pretty fun. I also watched most of the UFC fights last night, although a couple of good fights got pulled from the card, one of my favorite fighters (Jim Miller) lost, and a lot of the fights weren't all that exciting. That's how it is sometimes.

Yesterday there was also a NASCAR race, the Quaker State 400 Presented by Advance Auto Parts at Kentucky Speedway. Danica Patrick started in 20th place and moved up to finish in 15th, so it was a pretty good run for her.

The guy pictured on this card isn't Danica Patrick, though. This is Josh Wise, who I believe is retired from racing so he can focus on other stuff. This is the Red parallel of his Jumbo Firesuit Signatures card. It's got a sticker autograph, a big swatch of gray firesuit, and it is serially-numbered # 11 / 25.

Here is the back of the card. It's got a little write-up on Josh Wise's career. I think I got this card from COMC for a couple bucks, but it could have been an eBay purchase. I doubt Wise will have many cards in the future, so I am kind of running out of non-Danica Patrick drivers to collect. I'll need to go through the current NASCAR roster to see if there is anyone else whose personality or sponsors appeal to me. I like Kyle Busch's cars, but what I've seen of his personality rubs me a little wrong. I don't know.


  1. I slept through the race... didn't see a single lap. Not happy about that. At least my #2 driver won.

    1. It always stinks to miss out on watching an event you were looking forward to.