12 July 2017

Pack of the Day 166: Dustra Inceptions 2

Here is something a little new (to me). A person named Rachel Ahrendes has created a trading card set that centers around sketch artists drawing characters of their own design, rather than licensed properties. The card series is called Inceptions and the company that makes them is called Dustra Productions. The website is a little convoluted, but there have been two sets released so far.

I'd heard a little buzz about the set online, and the artist list contains a bunch of artists whose work I like, so I contacted Ahrendes on Facebook and ordered a pack of Inceptions 2. The pack arrived in a snap case, with 8 cards from the set, a promo card, and a sketch. To me, it looks like the base cards feature the original concept art for the characters on the front, with character names and artist information on the back. I got cards 16-23 in the pack. I'm not sure how many cards are in the full base set.

My sketch card was done by artist Lynne Anderson, and (I think) features Hanie Mohd's dark-haired archer character named Addilicia Halley. It's a nice-looking sketch. I especially like the way Anderson did the coloring on it. The character on the back of the sketch card stock is Dustra, who is Ahrendes' personal creation and the inspiration for this set.

I would probably pick up another one or two of these packs in the future. There are a lot of artists on the checklist whose work I'd like to pick up, and this is a good way to get a random chance at one of them.

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