06 July 2017

Pack of the Day 165: 2017 Topps WWE Hanger Box

I am still working through drafts from April and May, so this is a purchase from at least a couple of months ago. I picked up a hanger box of 2017 Topps WWE trading cards shortly after the product arrived on store shelves.

The front of the box has the usual group shot of some superstars on the front, and a teaser that this product has autograph and relic cards available. 

Your typical box will have 42 cards in it, with 5 of them being roster update cards for wrestlers who switched from Smackdown to Raw. I scanned a couple of Smackdown cards from the box, but just realized that most of my scans feature Raw wrestlers. I guess that's my stable of choice.

The fronts borrow design elements from the 2017 Topps Baseball set, with logos and color-coding for the various branches of WWE. I was happy to get Bayley's card in this box.

The card backs feature height, weight, and hometown (if known) for male wrestlers, and height and hometown for female wrestlers, as well as branding and colors to match the card fronts. Each wrestler also gets a paragraph about their career.

Here are a few more cards from the box. I think I tried the WWE Slam app for a while, but ran out of space on my phone and deleted all of the Slam, Bunt, and other digital card trading apps.

I was also glad to get Asuka's card in this box. I'm not sure what's going on with Paige, but she's been suspended/injured for a long time now. A John Cena Tribute insert card kicks off the non-base portion of this box.

I guess the basic parallel in this product is Bronze. I got two of them in the box, as well as the matching base cards.

The rest of the inserts in the box feature various WWE TV shows. Kind of boring, to be honest, but I guess there is an audience out there for this stuff.

And that does it for the box. I got a couple of base cards and a John Cena insert that I liked, but for the most part this was a snoozer for me.


  1. I guess it's been awhile since I watched WWE. The only two people I recognize are John Cena and Shane McMahon.

    1. I recognized most of the names, but I couldn't tell you much more about them. I am not up to date on the current WWE storyline.

  2. I've never watched wrestling, and haven't seen the E! Divas show in a good while, but found that Paige card and a few of her others in a dime box this weekend. She's just irresistable....

    1. She does have a certain charm. She and Jack Gallagher should have a pale-off.