19 September 2017

2017 Topps Star Wars 3D Widevision: The Force Awakens

Topps released a 3D Widevision set for Star Wars: The Force Awakens quite some time ago. I received my copy of the set, but haven't ever gotten around to posting about it. The original MSRP on these was the usual $99.99, and they are still available on the Topps website as of this writing. I am not sure if this set is included in the periodic sales that Topps does, usually on major holidays, but I guess it's worth a look-see if you're a Star Wars fan who doesn't want to pay the full box price.

Each set comes in a box with a nice embossed Kylo Ren on the top. Inside you will find a complete base set and two autographs, with various parallels possible on the autograph cards. Most of the major Star Wars stars are possible pulls from this set, but I imagine the big names are extremely short-printed.

The print run on the sets was 2000 copies, and each box comes serially-numbered. I got set # 816 / 2000.

The fronts of the base cards don't scan well because of the lenticular 3D technology, but they look all right in person. You get plenty of photos from the film. There are 44 cards in the base checklist.

The card back feature a picture of one of the film's characters along the left side, a small inset picture on the upper right, and a paragraph describing part of the movie plot.

My two autograph pulls were people I didn't really recognize. Jessica Henwick also appeared in Game of Thrones and the Marvel TV shows Iron Fist and The Defenders. Brian Vernel hasn't appeared in anything that I've heard of outside of The Force Awakens.

The Jessica Henwick autograph is a base autograph, and the Brian Vernel autograph is a Gold parallel numbered # 09 / 25. The Gold parallels are seeded 1:15 boxes.

These sets are pretty cool. I have to admit that I wish I'd pulled better autographs, but the truth is that most autographs you get from Star Wars products aren't from the main characters in the films.


  1. As soon as I saw the Jess autograph... I thought I recognized her. Cool card. I've actually thought about grabbing her GOT autograph along with the other two Sand Snakes signatures.

    1. I know pretty much nothing about Game of Thrones, so I will just have to smile politely and nod my head here.