21 September 2017

Pack of the Day 175: A Rack Pack of 2017 Topps Heritage High Number

I showed off a pack of 2016 Topps Heritage High Number with a pretty good pull in it a few days ago, and I decided later to try out a pack of the 2017 iteration.

Here's the front of the pack. It's got 16 cards promised inside, with possible inserts including Walmart exclusive Topps Discs. I didn't get any of those in this pack, but apparently if you want to try your hand at getting one you need to get to Walmart.

This is the back-of-pack stuff, with the odds listed for all the stuff you might find inside, as well as the No Purchase Necessary address and rules.

As is my custom, I didn't scan every card in the pack, but I did scan one card front and back. Joakim Soria was a mainstay on my fantasy baseball teams several years ago (longer ago than I thought), and he's managed to stay in the game and relevant for a few teams in the ensuing seasons, eventually returning to Kansas City.

These were my favorite cards from the rest of the base set. Clippard now plies his trade for the Astros, so I had to include his card in the scan. The Astros are actually his second team since leaving the Yankees earlier this season, as he was acquired by the White Sox in between. His outings for the Astros have been pretty rough so far.

Brandon Phillips is on the Angels now, so he's another guy in this scan who is no longer with the team he's pictured with on this Heritage Update release. Addison Reed is now with the Red Sox, so this scan is 3 for 6 with players in the wrong uniforms.

The pack wasn't done with the Astros, giving me this Rookie Performers insert of Yulieski Gurriel. These are a 1:4 pack insert, and this is the only non-base, non-SP card from the pack. I like the design on this insert, although I don't think I'll bother to chase the rest of the set down.


  1. I guess that's the problem with producing these prior to the trade deadline - it's hard for Topps to keep up with all the roster moves. At least they finally got Aroldis Chapman in a Yankees uniform.

    1. I guess you just can't win when you're trying to produce a time-sensitive product in this internet age.