13 September 2017

R.A. Dickey Prime Cuts Auto

I have to admit that I haven't followed the exploits of R.A. Dickey much this season. He went down to that team in Atlanta, and I kind of lost track of him. I've never been a Braves fan. In looking at his numbers, he's had an okay year. There aren't a lot of guys out there pitching at the MLB level when they're 42 years old. I still like to add to my Dickey collection when I can, although I've been focusing a lot lately on things outside of baseball, like wrestling cards, sketch cards, art commissions, and NASCAR. Dickey is still up there among my favorite players, though, and I really ought to turn on MLB TV once this season when he's on the mound.

I picked up this autograph card from 2016 Panini Prime Cuts a little while ago. It's the base version of his autograph in the set, with a surprisingly low print run of 25 copies for the base autograph. My example is # 22 / 25. It's a sticker autograph, but the sticker doesn't stand out too bad.

I've been working a lot lately and also trying to get some stuff done around the house. One of my projects has been getting all of my stuff moved out of our office room and down to the basement, with the eventual goal of moving our eldest son into his own bedroom and our office down into the basement, where I have begun staging my card collection underneath the future Sorting Table. It will be neat to see what all I actually have in my collection. As I move cards down there, I will often grab a stack of cards from the boxes to flip through, and I usually find several treasures that bring a smile to my face. After I get everything moved down there, I would like to get my cards sorted and then input into the Trading Card Database or something similar, so I can see how many cards I have in my player collections.


  1. Nice new Dickey. I finally signed up for Beckett so I can keep track of my Cutch cards that I need in addition to my Google Sheet of the ones I have. Organized card collecting can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Good luck with the transition.

    1. It does seem like Beckett has a pretty comprehensive checklist for player collectors. I just hate to pay for their service. This transition toward organization has been a consistent failure since I began the attempt in Fall 2014, so we'll see how it goes.