07 April 2024

Four More Mega Boxes of 2024 Topps UFC Chrome

A couple of days ago I showed off the results from 4 Mega Boxes of 2024 Topps UFC Chrome. In a bid to make progress on the base set, I ordered 4 more of them. I didn't make as much progress as I'd like toward that goal, but I closed the gap enough to where I decided to pick up the rest of the set as singles. This time around I'm just showing off highlights. 

I pulled 2 /299 Speckle Refractors. Both are relatively big names, in Georges St-Pierre and Colby Covington. Nothing I collect specifically, but nice to pull some numbered stuff from Mega Boxes.

I also pulled an /199 Aqua Refractor of Vicente Luque. I don't know why my pictures are so blurry for this post. I guess I needed to clean my phone's camera lens before I take pictures.

Here is a selection of inserts from the boxes. Nothing too crazy, but I got a few inserts I didn't have yet. That's always nice, even though I'm not chasing complete sets on the insert cards. I can't help enjoying the Allen & Ginter inserts, even though it's just a shiny gimmick.

Lastly, here are the 4 autographs I pulled. Luckily they are all names I recognize, although there aren't any big sellers in the bunch, not that I'm much of a card seller anyway. All are of the base variety aside from the Anthony Smith, which is a Gold /50 signature card.

Overall I was pretty happy with my 2024 Topps UFC Chrome breaks. I wish I'd had a little less duplication among the base cards, but it's nice to have a watered-down product that's affordable and has guaranteed autographs for those of us who can't bring ourselves to splash for the full Hobby version. I'll be going dark for at least a couple of weeks here on the blog, as I'm headed out of town on a trip. Hopefully I'll be back on here soon after I return home.

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  1. Nice numbered GSP. He was a big reason I was into the UFC in the mid 2000's to the early 2010's. Although I've gotta admit... I usually rooted for his opponents (guys like Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, Nick Diaz, and Johny Hendricks).