05 February 2015

Seeking Redemption 10: Cryptozoic Sends the Missing Hit

This wasn't really a redemption card, but it was largely the same process and so I categorized this post accordingly. A few days ago I posted the results of my first box break of Cryptozoic's Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 trading cards. The box was missing a Wardrobe relic card, so I sent off a help desk ticket to the company to see what they had to say about it. I got an e-mail relatively soon asking me to send in my box top and an invoice or receipt showing my purchase. I sent that in and a little while later I got a shipping notification from FedEx along with a tracking number. A few days later I got an envelope delivered. They did require a signature on the shipment, so it's a good thing my wife was home at the time. The card was packaged in a penny sleeve and top loader, and then inside of a padded envelope that was placed inside of another padded envelope which was placed in the FedEx mailing envelope. All of the envelopes were sealed, and the final envelope was one of those little plastic padded mailers that just stretch instead of ripping when you try to open them. Here's what I found when I finally got through to the card:

It's a Wardrobe relic of Lady Mary Crawley's Dress. The colors on the scan seem a little bit off to me, but looking at the card it appears the fabric is the type you can see on the sleeve of the dress. My wife seemed especially impressed with the card, which was pretty cool. I don't think she really gets excited when I show her my sports memorabilia cards, but this is something she can relate to.

Word on the forums is that these relics are from the same fabric used in the making of the costumes for the show, and not actual little pieces of the costumes themselves. The wording on the back seems to back up that viewpoint. They're still pretty cool, especially since it seems like most/all of the relic swatches can be matched to some part of the garment shown in the photograph on the card.

Cryptozoic's help desk was quite helpful, they shipped the replacement card quickly, and communicated well throughout the process. It is a much different and better experience than the interactions I've had in trying to get reactions from Topps about issues.


  1. Cool that they did a good job so quickly. I'm guessing they are a smaller company. Might be why the service is as it is.

    Oh, and Michelle Dockery is another good reason to watch DA.

  2. nice. Getting customer service out of Cryptozoic is like pulling hen's teeth, so you did well.

    sad about the source of the relics... but this is a company that issues stamped autographs in it's products, so take it as it is.