12 February 2015

A Nice Mailday - Topps from Before I was Born

I had an interesting mail day yesterday, receiving a big flat-rate box full of cardboard. The shipper was nice enough to stack everything in an orderly manner and label the piles for me.

Taking a shot more from the side might alert some readers to what the stacks contain.

Yes, I ordered a full set of 1975 Topps off of eBay. It's not in the greatest shape ever, but I'm not chasing the top of the PSA charts or anything, so it looks fine to me. Night Owl is looking at this picture and saying, "Lou Brock isn't the first card in the set! You got scammed, you noob!"

Some of the key cards from the set were in top loaders, although for the most part they weren't in great shape anyway and could have been included with the rest, as that creased Hank Aaron was.  I can understand the seller's point of view, though. I might have done the same thing in the name of presentation. It's important to show the buyer that you care enough to do little things like that.

There are plenty of off-center, miscut, dinged and folded cards here, and they are all beautiful. I started sorting through them, looking for some of my favorites to scan and show off, but I found the scan pile was getting bigger than the non-scan pile. I've got a paper to write and classes to pass, so I can't devote the proper time to this set yet. Soon, though, I will have it all put into pages and I will go through and take a good look at every card. Right now I am just glorying in the color of it all. And to think I got these for less than 28 cents a card...


  1. Always nice when the seller goes the extra mile. The 1975 set is a nice one, enjoy!

    1. It is a nice set. I have been shuffling through stacks of the cards every so often while taking breaks from my homework.

  2. I love cards with character, especially when they are older than me!

  3. Congrats, I'd take that set for about 28 cents a card anyday....even if it's younger than me.