19 February 2015

Rainbow in the Dark 26: Jon Singleton 2014 Topps High Tek Stripe and Cracked Ice Diffractor

In my previous post I showed off the big 2014 Topps High Tek Jon Singleton Black & White parallel that Commishbob sent to me. I thought I would post a couple of other cards I acquired for that rainbow in this post. I got these a while ago, but I've got a huge backlog in my post queue and scan folder. A lot of these card acquisitions date back to December and maybe even November in some cases. First up is this Stripes variation card. The Stripes were the rarest of the background variations for American League teams. I don't think print runs were announced for these, but the consensus on the forums was that only 5-10 of each were made. I consider myself lucky that I was able to track one down, and it didn't cost me nearly as much as a comparable serially-numbered card would have. 

This is the Cracked Ice Diffractor, which is numbered # 29 / 75. It looks better in-hand than it does in the scan. That's true for most of these cards. Maybe they'd look better with some back-lighting or something. The LCS has a few boxes of High Tek on the shelf for less than the internet sellers' prices. I am considering trying another box, just to see what I get. My last box wasn't extremely exciting, but there are some potentially exciting things out there.


  1. Mindboggling the number of variations Topps can produce with one card.

  2. Nice pick up on the Stripes. I was able to grab a Yount version for a really good price and I've only seen 3 pop up on eBay so 5 to 10 sounds about right, but it would be nice if Topps would actually say what the rarity is.