22 February 2015

Pack of the Day 87: Topps Star Wars Masterwork Box Break: Pack 1 (of 4)

Yesterday morning I spent my time jumping up from my chair every few minutes because I thought maybe I'd heard the mail truck down the street. I knew that my box of Star Wars Masterwork was due to arrive, and I was anxious to get into it. The mail truck finally arrived and dropped off my prize.

I took a couple pictures of the box, but the pictures are crappy. There is a light hanging above the table where my computer sits, and it creates a big spot on any pictures I try to take here. I should really do something about it, but I take pictures so infrequently that I am not super motivated to create a light box or something for taking photos that look decent.

 And here's the open box with all four packs still in it, unopened. This is honestly probably the best part of most breaks, when the packs are there in front of you and anything could be inside. Most breaks go downhill from that point, as the $ and PC cards slowly get eliminated and you realize your box hit is a sticker auto of a guy who got relegated to the D-League and washed out having played about 35 minutes of total professional ball. I figure I'll stretch these posts out pack by pack, starting from left to right in the box. I was going to do the whole deal, with pictures of each pack, but my kids started demanding food and I got tired of taking pictures, so I just ripped into the thing. There are four packs per box, with five cards per pack.

Starting Pack 1 off is two base cards. Owen Lars is a regular base card, and Sebulba is a short-printed base card. The set is 75 cards, with 1-50 being regular and 51-75 being seeded at one per box, or about a 7:1 ratio. That makes the SP cards pretty rare and pretty expensive on the secondary market. I ordered a 1-50 base set from a reseller. I don't know if I have it in me to chase the short-printed cards.

This Salacious Crumb card is a parallel. The literature says it is a Silver-Foil Parallel, but the foil on these is gold in color. I can't even handle that crap, so I am calling it a Gold parallel. Salacious Crumb is a mean little sucker. Look at him. This card is numbered on the back, # 91 / 99.

Finally, these are the two inserts from the pack. The first is a Canvas Parallel from the Companions insert set, featuring Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This insert consists of ten cards and features various pairings of folks in the movies who are associated with each other. It's got a bunch of parallels, with the Canvas being middle of the road as far as rarity. This one is numbered # 55 / 99.

The other insert is a manu-relic featuring Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber. I am not sure exactly what is going on with these cards, but they claim to honor the heritage of various weapons from the Star Wars universe. The example I pulled appears to be the most common Bronze variation, and is numbered # 073 / 129. I think they should have used this photo for it, with Luke gunning for a Darwin award by staring into the business end of the weapon:

"Undeniable potential in the Force, but needs to work on impulse control. Reminiscent in some ways of one of my former pupils." - excerpt from Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Scouting Report on prospect Luke Skywalker
 And that's it for Pack 1. It's a decent start, and we still haven't seen any sketch cards or autographs. What will Pack 2 contain?


  1. Never heard of this set but I like the cards. Looking forward to the rest of the packs...

  2. Great looking base card design.

  3. As a Star Wars fan, I have to look into these cards.

    As a Luke Skywalker collector, I am going on eBay and looking for that Luke Skywalker Manu-relic.

    Nice cards!