02 February 2015

Rittenhouse Archives Greatest Heroes Thing / Human Torch Sketch Card

I've noticed my number of page views per post has gone up a little bit, so I am running several non-sports posts in a row to see if I can get those viewership numbers back down into the single digits. If this doesn't work I may have to follow this up with a NASCAR post or two, just to make sure it's dead. I picked up this sketch card from Rittenhouse's Marvel Greatest Heroes set after selling another sketch card I pulled that was worth a lot more to someone else than it was to me.

The sketch is by Jake Sumbing, who is a fairly prolific guy on the sketch card circuit. Like most sketch card artists, he's got some pretty good stuff out there and some stuff that looks a little mailed-in. This card is a little of both. I really like the way the Human Torch was done. I am less enthusiastic about the Thing, who seems to be a difficult character to draw well. Overall I like the card well enough. I didn't have any sketch cards of these characters yet, which is kind of a travesty since the Fantastic Four are my favorite superhero team (my oldest son is even named after the Thing). That leaves me needing sketches of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman to finish out the team.

Here is the back of the card, because I scanned it and that means it has to be posted. I like that on some of the newer sketch cards the card companies have left spaces for the artist to write their name so it is easier to figure out who drew your card. Unfortunately, many of the artists have stylized signatures or scribbles for signatures, so it still can be difficult to decipher names. Mr. Sumbing is nice enough to sign his cards with a printed last name, so it is relatively easy to identify his work.

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  1. LOL. Hey I love the non-sports posts. I don't collect many at all but they are fun. NASCAR, too. We are about to be bombarded with endless 2015 Topps blog posts. That's when MY reading goes down.