22 February 2015

Daytona 500, The Start of the NASCAR Season

It's been over a month since I last featured a NASCAR card on the blog, although I did show off a Josh Wise die-cast car a couple of weeks ago. The Daytona 500 race happened today, and Joey Logano came away with the win. I meant to watch at least part of the race, but I got caught up in other things and forgot about it until the race was nearly over. My kids were watching cartoons and I didn't want to deal with all the whining and complaining that would go on if I interrupted their show just so I could watch a few minutes of a car race.

Looking at the drivers I cheer for was a mixed bag of results. Josh Wise ran just one lap in his qualifying race due to electrical problems and did not make the field for the Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt Jr. started 3rd and finished in 3rd, leading 32 laps during the race. Tony Stewart crashed out after 72 laps and finished in 42nd place after starting the race in 7th. Danica Patrick started the race in 20th, but had to move to the back of the pack because she switched cars during the week after two crashes with Denny Hamlin during practice and qualifying in the week prior to the race. She moved up briefly into the top 10 during the race, but turned in a middling 21st-place finish at the end.

The card featured in this post is part of a large lot I picked up on eBay several months ago when it appeared that two Danica collectors were clearing out their collections. I didn't get much from them, but I did manage to grab a host of parallels from various Press Pass base sets. Most of the cards I got were cards featuring Danica's car, crew, or hauler, but I did manage to get this card featuring the driver herself. It's from 2012 Press Pass and is the Purple parallel. This copy is numbered # 32 / 35.


  1. I actually watched Daytona yesterday, well, about like I usually watch races, it was on, turned up kind of loud, and I was taking care of other business most of the time while checking in on Smoke and Jeff Gordon's progress. I sat down for the last half hour and watched, that was fun.

  2. Interesting that the purple parallel is also numbered to 35, the blue foil parallel is as well. I pulled the blue version of that card from a single pack purchase in September 2012. Their purple foil is hard to scan. It was a good race for the last 30 laps but a little slow paced the first 160. Nobody got hurt and Clint Bowyer didn't win so it's a good race in my book :)