19 October 2015

A Card I Don't Have Any More: Daniel Norris Tier One Autograph

I've got about a month's worth of scans sitting in my Drafts folder and lately I don't feel like writing about any of it. So today it's a one-card post because it will be easy to type up. I purchased this card on eBay a couple of months ago. I already knew that I was going to be retiring my Daniel Norris player collection after his trade to Detroit, but this card had a decent Buy It Now price and I thought it would make a good centerpiece for that collection before I put it to bed.

Unfortunately the card was shipped without much protection and it arrived bent with a rather large crease running from the top center down to the middle of the card. The crease was very visible on front and back, and from the top the card was visibly u-shaped in the top loader. There was no way that bend was ever going to press out and I wasn't willing to receive a card like that for the price I paid for it, so I initiated a return through the eBay resolution system. The seller refunded my money but didn't include anything for shipping. I felt bad keeping the card, so I shipped it back to him using my own money. So in the end I paid a couple of dollars to have a pretty negative experience with this card. I guess the seller had a bad experience too, but a couple more pieces of cardboard in the bubble mailer could have prevented the issue so I don't really feel that bad for him.

The card itself was a 2015 Topps Tier One New Guard Autographs Red Ink parallel numbered # 18 / 25. It's a pretty nice design and it was a cool card outside of being shaped like a horseshoe upon arrival. So my Daniel Norris player collection is retired without a real centerpiece card. I guess there are worse problems to have, but I am still a little irritated when I reflect on the situation. I have a lot of eBay transactions and 99.9% of them are great from start to finish, but the one or two that go wrong each year really bother me if I get to thinking about them.

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