26 October 2015

A Card or a Print? Does it Matter? 2015 Topps Red 5 x 7 Jon Singleton

Topps has been really pushing their offerings of various prints and wall art. Many of them are individually numbered or packed in vintage-style wax packs to increase their appeal to collectors. One of the more ambitious offerings was this complete set of 2015 Topps Red 5x7 cards. They are reprints of the base 2015 Topps Baseball set and the full set of 700 cards was sold as a unit for $1999.99, or about $2.86 per card. The cards are serially-numbered to just 10 copies apiece, so I would imagine you could make your money back on the set by selling off the superstars to players collectors. Then you could make a profit on selling off all the other guys in the set. And that's how I got this card for my collection. Someone went out and bought one of the sets and listed pretty much the whole thing on eBay. Mike Trout went for $100, as did Kris Bryant. Several Yankees cards went for $40-$60. I paid about $5 for Jon Singleton's card before shipping, so the seller even made nearly 100% profit from my little purchase. My card is # 04 / 10. You can kind of see the numbering down on the bottom left of the card.

This was marketed as a trading card product rather than wall art, so you get a reprint of the full card back in addition to the card front. These sets aren't sold out yet so if you've got two grand and nothing to spend it on, you could go out and get one of your own. The guy who I bought this card from still has about 150 of them up for auction, so if you're just after a specific player you might still be able to find the card on eBay without buying a full set. Most of the big stars are gone, but I know a lot of collectors PC guys who aren't on the superstar career path. An eBay search for '2015 Topps Baseball 5 x 7 Red' should bring them all up.

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