10 October 2015

An Immaculate Jon Singleton Relic / Auto

I am just going to do a one-card post today. It's a pretty nice card, though, even without any logos. This is a 2015 Panini Immaculate Collection Prime card of Jon Singleton. Singleton is missing out on the Astros' playoff run this year, but I am still trying to pick up his cards where I can. For most of his stuff prices are still pretty low, so I am able to pick up these nice cards without breaking my wallet. I am guessing that unless he really turns things on next year he'll be crowded out of most card sets in favor of players who actually stay on the roster all season, like Springer, Correa, Altuve, Keuchel, and company. This one is numbered # 02 / 10 and features two dual-color relic swatches and a decent sticker autograph. The ink line is a bit thick, but he managed to stay on the sticker for this one. Usually it seems at least one loop falls off the edge of the sticker on his autos.

The Astros dropped a game to the Royals today. I had high hopes that they would win the game as they jumped out to an early lead, but they needed to tack on a couple more runs and they never did. Kansas City came back and eventually overtook them 5 - 4 to even the series at 1 - 1. I think the Astros have a pretty good shot at winning game 3 and I hope they capitalize on it with Keuchel taking the mound. Then they would just have to get one of the next two games to advance. It would be interesting to see them play the Rangers in the next round, although it seemed like late in the regular season the Rangers really had their number. The Blue Jays are having a rough go of things in trying to get past Texas.

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