23 October 2015

Topps Mini Baseball Scan Clear-Out, Post 3 of 4: The Rare Stuff

I've already shown off the Gold and Pink parallels from a few boxes of 2013 and 2014 Topps Mini Baseball. Now it's time for the rare stuff. These Black parallels are limited to 5 copies each. I got this Miguel Montero from one of the 2014 boxes. It's a pretty cool card, I suppose.

These two cards came from the 2013 set. Again, nothing too earth-shattering but they are at least guys I've heard of before. Alex Rios is currently in the playoffs with the Royals. He's had kind of a down year individually, but his numbers haven't been too bad in the playoffs. Asdrubal Cabrera is similar because he's a few years removed from his best seasons, but dissimilar in that he is not in the playoffs with his current team, the Rays.

There are 1 / 1 Platinum parallel cards in these products, but I have never pulled one. I have pulled a handful of Printing Plates, though. This one is the Cyan plate of Brian Duensing. He's kind of a bullpen arm / spot starter who has played 7 years with the Twins.

Lastly I have this Sergio Romo Yellow Printing Plate from the 2014 set. I think my favorite part of this card is the numbers on the back of the plate, coming out from behind the sticker. I read an article about how these plates are made recently, but I forget where I saw it. It was pretty interesting. Maybe not as interesting as Mr. Rogers visiting the crayon factory, but still pretty interesting.


  1. There are not nearly enough of mentions/videos of Mr. Rogers on the card blogs. Kudos to you!

    1. I'm all about edutainment here on The Raz Card Blog! For some reason this clip has always stuck with me. It's one of just a few television segments I clearly remember watching when I was a kid.