12 October 2015

Pack of the Day 110: 2014 Topps Chrome Blaster Box

I picked up a blaster of 2014 Topps Chrome at some point in the last couple of months. I don't remember buying it, but it must have been the most appealing thing in the discount box at the time, because I doubt this is something I would have elected to purchase at full price.

The bonus item in this blaster is a pack of 4 blaster-exclusive Purple Refractors. That Yasiel Puig up there would have been a pretty good pull in 2014. This year hasn't been as kind to him. I haven't been tracking his card prices, but I would imagine they've dropped off significantly.

I got a couple of Refractors from the box, as well as an X-Fractor. Jon Singleton is a PC guy, but I think I already had this Refractor of him. Brandon Moss played for Cleveland and St. Louis this year and is in the playoffs, so I guess that's the good part about getting traded from the A's and the Indians. I respect Napoli's beard game, but I don't really like all those East Coast teams. I also got that Justin Verlander Chrome Connections Die-Cut insert that is designed to make the stack of cards it resides in very unstable and impossible to pick up.

More playoff guys, except that Marte's team made a quick exit and Donaldson wears a bluer uniform now. Kershaw just can't catch a break and Donaldson's Blue Jays are on the verge of elimination after being pretty much the postseason favorites going into this thing.

I've probably already posted that R.A. Dickey card several times, but I will probably post it again any time I pull it from a pack. The rest of these guys were included because they are also horizontal cards and I needed three more for the scan.

This was the big pull of the box, a Blue Refractor of Jurickson Profar, whose name sounds kind of like an investment firm or pharmaceuticals company. Maybe he needs the services of a pharmaceuticals company, as he has missed all of the last two seasons because of a shoulder injury. This one is numbered # 188 / 199, which is an aesthetically-pleasing number by all accounts.


  1. I have some lovely Jurickson cards including an auto-patch. Here's hoping he comes around next season.

    1. It stinks when a guy with a lot of potential runs into bad luck and injury woes.