02 April 2016

2012 SEGA Card-Gen Zack Greinke Foil Rare

Yesterday I showed off a wrestling card I purchased from a seller in Japan. Today I'll show the baseball card that came alongside it.

This Zack Greinke card comes from the 2012 SEGA Card-Gen set. It's a Foil Rare card, which as I understand it was basically the insert set in SEGA Card-Gen. There is a separate set of Foil Rares that was given away as tournament prizes, but they look a little different. These regular Foil Rares have a different picture than the player's base card, a foil background, a different bio on the back, a one-point attribute increase, a different card number (denoting their place in the Rare checklist) and players of the actual arcade game noted that Foil Rare players generally did better in the video game.

I don't have any particular affinity for Greinke, but I don't necessarily seek out his cards. Back when he played for small-market teams I would draft him on my fantasy baseball teams, but once he hit the big time (and his numbers got even better) I stopped paying the price for him. Speaking of fantasy baseball, I had Greinke's new teammate, A.J. Pollock, on all of my rosters this year and he just broke his elbow. I think it's going to be a long season for me.


  1. That's one slick card - I'm a sucker for anything shiny though.

    1. It is a pretty cool card. Greinke got absolutely shelled today. I imagine he'll bounce back, but that wasn't a very good start to the new season with a new team.