09 July 2016

Sketch Card Week: Power Girl by Lin Workman

After taking a break yesterday from Sketch Card Week, I am returning with another sketch card featuring DC character Power Girl, from the Cryptozoic DC Comics: The Women of Legend set. This card features Power Girl in her short-lived New 52 costume, and the artist is Lin Workman. He's got a card with Power Girl in her more recognizable costume for sale on his website, but the asking price is a little out of my range at the moment. I am still pretty happy with this sketch card, though, as I had been wanting to get one of his sketches for a while. The right one finally popped up and I was able to acquire it for my Power Girl sketch card PC. Pretty cool stuff! Sorry for the short posts lately. I've been busy.


  1. He's got some really cool sketch cards on his site... especially the r2d2 and yoda ones. Not sure about the $165 price tags though.

    1. Yeah, that number seems a bit high to me. It would be hard to price your own art. That number is even harder to digest when I consider that I got this roughly equivalent sketch for right around 10% of that.

    2. Maybe he sells them on a regular basis at that price. If that's the case... I don't blame him for pricing them at $165. You're definitely the goto guy when it comes to artists and the going rates, so I trust your judgement way over my own. I personally just stick to sketch cards in the $20 and under range. Although I paid $27.50 (+ $2.50 shipping) for my 2008 Stadium Club Steve Carlton sketch card... and it's a terrible rendition of Lefty.

    3. He very well could sell them at that price. If I had the money I would probably buy them at that price. I don't have the budget for that, though, so I tend to pick and choose and snipe auctions for sketch cards of favorite artists or characters. Most of my sketches come in under the $20 mark as well, but on occasion I will go higher for one I really like. I am surprised at the amount of quality stuff that slips through eBay for just pennies because of poor auction titles/descriptions, weird auction ending times, and low Buy It Now prices. Because of my low ceiling I miss out on a ton of sketches that I really like, but I've got a sketch card Watch List several pages long that I am constantly updating, so if a seller drops a price or an auction is getting close to ending with no bidding action I am ready to snatch it up.