02 July 2016

Danica Patrick 2012 Press Pass Showcase - Coke Zero 400

This week's race is the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway. Danica Patrick has had pretty good luck at this track, although she is a couple of years removed from her best showings there. Overall her average start here is 16.20 and her average finish is 18.69, so if she sticks to her averages she's got a pretty good shot at a Top 20 or better finish as long as she can stay running. She has 1 Pole here and two 8th-place finishes at the track.

This is another of the Danica Patrick parallels I picked up in an eBay lot a little while ago. It comes from the 2012 Press Pass Showcase Racing product, and this is the Red parallel. Pretty fancy stuff, and it's the lowest-numbered card in this lot as copy # 22 / 25. I guess that's about all there is to say about it. I hope everyone has a good weekend and for those celebrating the 4th of July, try not to pull a Jason Pierre-Paul with your fireworks.

From like the 25-second mark until he delivers his cheesy line about tackling fireworks, you can see that other dude isn't even paying attention to what Jason Pierre-Paul is saying anymore. He's thinking, "Don't mess up your line, don't mess up your line, it's almost time, don't mess this up!" I did a lot of stupid stuff with fireworks when I was a kid and I'm probably lucky that the worst thing that happened was setting a tree on fire. We were able to put it out pretty fast, so nothing worse came of it. A couple of nights ago some kids knocked over some fireworks out in the foothills and the resulting wildfire burnt over 1000 acres, along with one home.

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