08 July 2016

Sketch Card Week: A Momentary Pause

I don't have it in me to write a sketch card post tonight and I have to be up early tomorrow morning for work, so I am pausing Sketch Card Week for a day or so. My page views are way down since Sketch Card Week started, so I'm thinking people won't mind too much.


  1. Page views are down? What the heck is wrong with people in our hobby? Don't they understand that sketch cards are cool and are one of a kind pieces of art? Can't they accept the fact that our world is a better place with them? Don't they realize that they save over 2,000 lives each day and reduce anxiety? Wait. Sorry. Sometimes I get a little carried away. But seriously... sketch card week rules!

    1. I don't know. Sketch cards are a small niche in a small hobby, so maybe there just aren't a lot of sports card collectors who are also interested in non-sports and art cards? In any case, my page views seem to drop by one-half to two-thirds when I post sketches. As of right now, this post is actually my most-viewed Sketch Card Week post.

    2. Pretty much anything outside of baseball and my flea market finds see a substantial drop in views... which would kind of concern me... but to be honest my blog views have dropped drastically all across the board over the past couple of years. I guess there's just so many quality card blogs out there and not enough time.

    3. I look at my page views fairly often and I comment on the numbers from time to time in my posts, but I try not to read too much into it. At least now I have a few regulars and get comments on most of my posts. I like getting page views and comments, but I think I blog more for myself than for other people.