11 July 2016

Sketch Card Week: Power Girl by Josef (Joe) Rubinstein

This is the last post for Sketch Card Week, which went for an extra day because I took a break in the middle of it. I actually just received a couple mailers full of sketch cards that would allow me to extend this event by another week, but I've got a bunch of non-sketch stuff in my queue and I'll probably just post these new sketches later.

This sketch is another Power Girl sketch from Cryptozoic's DC Comics: The Women of Legend product. It was done by Josef (Joe) Rubinstein. This appears to be an older version of Power Girl, which kind of makes sense because Rubinstein came into comics in the 1970's, and his work has the look of the comic art of that era. There are probably people out there who could name his influences and artistic lineage, but I am not one of those people. I mostly can categorize the art styles as recent, old, and older with moderate accuracy. Anyhow, this is kind of a cool sketch that shows Power Girl in a different light than the usual fare. I thought it was pretty neat, and I grabbed it up for my collection.

This post will barely sneak in before midnight tonight. I was in the middle of writing the draft when we decided to go walk around town with our kids and catch Pokemon on the Pokemon Go app. It was pretty fun, and there were a lot of families, couples, individuals, and groups of friends walking around doing the same thing. Everyone was friendly and smiling, and people from all sorts of social groups were bonding over something they now have in common. Pretty cool stuff.


  1. Man... she looks mean. Wouldn't want to run into her down a dark alley. As for the Pokemon phenomena... I haven't downloaded the app. But I know a bunch of people who have and they're all into it.

    1. She does look pretty mean in this illustration. I think it's cool that a character can be drawn so many different ways and still be recognizable. We've had a lot of fun with the Pokemon app. It's not for everyone, but it appeals to me. Of course it also caused me to be standing in front of my neighbor's house at midnight, swearing at the darkness because my app crashed and I missed out on catching a Pikachu. There are good sides and bad sides to it.