25 July 2016

Jean Segura Members Only

I guess this card has some relevance to my recent history, as this past weekend I saw Jean Segura hit a lead-off home run for the Diamondbacks at the game I attended this past weekend. I had to look  up how exactly he got to the Diamondbacks from the Brewers. It was a trade, and the names I recognized going the other way were Chase Anderson and Aaron Hill. Segura is having his first pretty good season after he broke out in 2013.

This card is another 2014 Stadium Club Members Only parallel. I have added quite a few of them to my collection since the release of the set, mostly only in the semi-star and just-a-guy categories. These parallels were pretty limited, falling at one per case and carrying a rumored print run of only 5-10 copies each. Most of the big names go for big money, but every so often one slips through the cracks. This one sat on my eBay Watch List for a few months, and I finally got around to making the purchase around a month ago. I keep thinking I'm done getting these Members Only parallels, but every so often I still pick up another.


  1. The key component of that trade for Milwaukee might have been Isan Diaz, a 19-year-old in A-ball who was the Midwest League player of the week recently. Kid crushes the ball.

    Of course, he's in A-ball, so he's got a looooooooong way to go.

    Nice pickup on the Segura!

    1. It was pretty late when I wrote this post, so I didn't even bother to look up the prospects involved in the trade. Even when it's not late I often don't bother, even though I would imagine that they are frequently the bigger part of a deal. It's just my own personal hang-up, I guess.