01 December 2016

Give Me Some of Your Tots!

Tim Shinn is an artist I follow on eBay. I picked up a couple of comic cover sketches from him a while ago that never got posted here on my blog. He's usually got a decent inventory on his eBay page, although he doesn't have anything up right now (because that's how the universe works when I want to post a link to something). Anyway, he does some pretty cool stuff and sometimes it's for sale on his eBay page.

I had to put in a bid on this Napoleon Dynamite sketch card when I saw it. I live in Napoleon's home state of Idaho. I don't know how it is in other places, but in the Gem State this movie is a big part of the cultural landscape. Many lines from the film are a regular part of everyday conversations, and I probably don't go more than a day without hearing someone use a line from the movie. Napoleon was born from Idaho/Utah culture, and in turn it has become an essential part of that same culture.

Napoleon and his friend, Pedro, recently reappeared in the mainstream, doing a Cheesy Tots commercial for Burger King. My wife must have seen this video, as she sent me a message today announcing a craving for some Cheesy Tots. I may have to try them out. It seems like they would be good, but fast food restaurants have a way of taking something that sounds really good and making it taste not as good as it sounds.


  1. Gosh! That card is freakin' sweet. One of my favorite "kick back & think about nothing" movies. I just ordered a box of Napoleon Dynamite trading cards from DA.

    1. I've thought about ordering some of those cards, but I just never get around to it. It would be really cool if the cards had come out a few years later, when autographs and relics really started being put into entertainment cards. I would love a Napoleon Dynamite set put out by Cryptozoic or a similar card producer.

    2. Yeah... I'm a little bummed that there aren't any autos, sketches, or costume cards. Maybe someone over at Cryptozoic is reading these comments ;)

    3. It would be nice. I don't know how much of a market there would be for it this long after the film's release.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree!

      I went and got some Cheesy Tots, though, and they were not that cool. I wasn't a fan. I'll be sticking with regular tots.