28 December 2016

Pack of the Day 151: One Pack of Captain America from Upper Deck e-Pack

The day before I left Utah, I was considering going out to find a card shop. There were a couple in the area with mixed review online, and the snow was bad enough that I didn't really feel like venturing out into rush hour in search of a card shop that may or may not have been any good. So I ordered a pizza and decided to see what I could see online. Eventually I wound up on Upper Deck's e-Pack site. I had logged in and grabbed free packs a few times, but I hadn't ever made a purchase from the program before. None of the sports packs appealed to me, so I thought I would try a pack of Captain America 75th Anniversary cards. These cards aren't cheap per pack, but I figured just one wouldn't hurt.

The base cards appear to all be covers from various Captain America comics throughout the years. It looks like there are subsets for each decade. The border around the covers seems pretty busy to me.

Here are a couple more base cards. It is weird to me to be paying money for pictures of cards. Supposedly if you collect enough base cards you can exchange them for real cards.

One of the digital cards that came out of the pack I opened had a red flashing border. It was pretty obvious that this was a special card. I managed to pull a sketch card out of my first pack of digital cards from Upper Deck e-Pack. This happens to be a dual-card puzzle featuring the core group of Avengers that appears in the Avengers film. The artists on this puzzle sketch are Arturo Ramirez and Daniel Benitez. I am assuming that one of them draws and one of them colors the sketches.

Sketch cards and inserts can be shipped to your COMC account for free, or transferred and shipped to you for an additional fee. I opted to have the sketch shipped to me. This was a pretty good pick-up for me, and I was excited to pull a sketch out of a single pack. I think the odds on sketches are 1:40 packs, so I definitely beat the odds with my purchase.

A week or so later I tried two more packs, I think one was Dr. Strange and the other was Goodwin Champions. The results of those packs were more in line with my expectations. I got a handful of worthless pictures and a sick feeling in my stomach in exchange for my money. It was fun to try a few packs of digital cards, but it's not something I can see myself doing often.


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    1. I thought so! I think this is my first multiple-card puzzle sketch.