03 March 2017

Contested Shots 22: The 100-word Challenge from $30 a Week Habit

Robert over at $30 a Week Habit recently offered cards to twenty bloggers, on the condition that contestants had to write 100-word posts about the cards received.

R.A. Dickey was never really an ace with the Blue Jays. The Mets sold high on him after he put up three good years for them.

I am still a fan, and I hope he does well with the Braves.

I wonder if Bautista will bounce back or decline further this year?

 I hope Josh Reddick pans out as an Astro.

Singleton is still on his way out with the team.

Thanks, Robert!


  1. Hopefully these cards were needed in your collections Raz. Had to take a bit of a shot in the dark when I looked at your player collections...

    Well done!!

    1. I knew my lack of want lists would put you at a disadvantage in this thing. I think the Gypsy Queen insert was the only double of the bunch, so you did a good job of filling holes in my collection. I really like that Pinnacle Aces insert of Dickey. I've looked at it a couple of times, but never went out and picked it up.

  2. I'm not a huge GQ fan but I do like the inserts.

    1. They have had some good inserts over the years in Gypsy Queen. There is something about mixing playing cards with sports cards that gets me.