25 November 2017

Randa Markos Knockout Red and Autograph

I sat down to type this post up earlier in the day, but then our Lab ran into the house with poop on his paw. This made the kids jump around and yell, and that made the dog run around even more. So I had to corner him and get him into the bathtub, clean him up, then find and scrub about 10,000 pawprints all through the house. By the time I got all of that done it was well past the kids' bedtime, so I had to get them rounded up and into their beds. My wife and I are both dog people, but sometimes I think they are more trouble than they're worth. I have a hard time imagining life without a big dog or two around, though.

I picked up a couple of nice additions to my Randa Markos fighter collection recently. The first is this Red parallel from 2017 Topps UFC Knockout. The Red parallels are pretty hard to come by, with this one being numbered # 13 / 25. The color of the parallel goes pretty well with Markos' bright red hair, which she's had for a while now. She's got a fight coming up at the end of January, and probably needs a win to remain as a contender in the UFC. She's been alternating wins and losses since she joined the UFC, with her last fight being a loss to Alexa Grasso in August.

It took quite a while for Markos to get an autograph in a Topps product. Fighters' first autographs are considered a big deal, and they usually sell at a premium. This one was no different, and it took me some time to win one at a price I was relatively comfortable with. I still overpaid for it, but prices haven't really come down on this particular card, either. This one is numbered # 80 / 99. I don't think Markos has a relic card out there yet, so that is the next thing I am hoping for. It's more fun to collect people who are included in the relic- and autograph-heavy releases, as they get cards more often and there is a larger variety of stuff to chase.

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