06 November 2017

Topps Now Giancarlo Stanton Card of the Month

One of the perks of buying items directly from the Topps website is that you can earn loyalty points, which can be exchanged for things like special trading cards or coupon codes for discounts. At some point in August, I qualified for a new level in the loyalty program and chose to receive the Topps Now Card of the Month. At the time I ordered, it was a mystery as to what the card would actually feature. 

I got the card in the mail at some point, and discovered that it pictured Giancarlo Stanton and commemorated his being the 6th player in MLB history to reach 50 home runs for the season by the end of August. I like the image selected for the card, with all of the signs in the background. 

The back of the card is fairly sparse, with the card number, Stanton's name, team logo, a date, and a list of the six players to complete the feat. It's an impressive list of Mashers, although there are several names on the list that some would put an asterisk next to.

I was pretty happy with this card. Free cards are some of the best cards.

I am currently at the gas station on Fort Dix, trying to make use of the WiFi since my barracks don't have access, but the employees are mopping the floor around my feet, so I'd better cut this off and head back to my room. I guess it's a sign of dedication to my blog that I will walk a mile each way just to write up a post. 


  1. Sweet card. I totally forgot about Luis Gonzalez and that insane year he had when he hit 50-somthing dingers.

  2. That is a crazy feat for sure. Sucks you don’t have WiFi. Too bad there isn’t a common area in billeting that has access.