25 February 2018

Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Ant-Man and Miss Thing Sketch by Chris Foreman

It's been a little while since I posted some art, so here's a sketch card post. I haven't done much blogging or blog reading over the last few days, as there has been a lot going on at work and at home. I'm hoping for things to settle back down after another week or two, but we'll see how it goes.

This sketch card comes from a licensed set, Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III. The characters on the front are Ant-Man and the shoulder of Miss Thing. This particular iteration of the characters comes from a Fantastic Four storyline. Reed Richards planned a trip through space and time for the original Fantastic Four members, and asked each member of the team to find a replacement on the roster, just in case something went wrong. He asked Ant-Man to be his replacement. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, was distracted and forgot to ask someone to replace him, so at the last minute he had to ask his pop-star girlfriend, Darla Deering, to stand in his place. She was fitted with a Thing exoskeleton, and became Miss Thing.

The artist on this sketch card is Chris Foreman. He's a rather prolific sketch card artist, or at least he was when this set was released. I am not sure if he's been on more recent sets. I've shown off a couple of Power Girl sketches by him in the past. On this card I especially like the cross-hatching around Ant-Man and the shading effects on Miss Thing's rocky suit. The card is numbered # 31 / 99 on the back, which probably means that Foreman did 99 sketches for the product.


  1. Sweet sketch! Love how Foreman added Miss Thing to show Ant-Man's scale.

    1. It was a cool idea to have Ant-Man standing on a larger character's shoulder, and I appreciate that the card is fully colored and detailed.