12 January 2018

Power Girl by Renato Oak

I've been picking up a fair amount of artwork over the last few months, getting stuff from a variety of sources. Most of my focus has been on my Power Girl character collection, although I've gathered things featuring other characters, too.

This Power Girl artwork came from eBay. The seller is Cosmotrama Studio, which sells the artwork of a number of Brazilian artists. There are good deals to be had from them, but shipping is pretty costly. It's better to win a couple of items at once so that shipping is split between them. The artist for this one is Renato Oak, who seems to be most active on Instagram. I haven't contacted him directly, but it seems like his work comes up fairly often when Cosmotrama Studio posts a new batch of auctions. I like this piece. It's got good clean lines and colors, as well as a bit of a background. I think it measures around 6" x 9". 


  1. Very cool. Are you planning on framing it up?

    1. I always plan to frame my artwork, but I haven't ever gotten around to it yet. I've got a portfolio that I'm keeping it all in for now.

    2. I hear ya. I'm the same way with my autographed 8x10's.

    3. It's a lot more fun to buy more art or memorabilia than it is to buy a bunch of supplies.