13 January 2018

Leia Sketch Card by Bianca Thompson

My kids watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back this evening, so I thought I'd do a Star Wars post tonight. I would have watched it with them, but a friend of mine was fighting in Invicta FC 27 and I wanted to watch her. Her name is Sharon Jacobson. She won her fight by decision, which I was pretty happy to see.

I picked up this sketch card of Leia on eBay from the store of the artist, Bianca Thompson. I already had a sketch of Leia as Jabba's slave from Thompson, but when I saw this one featuring her with a blaster pistol and the classic bun hairstyle, I had to get it. There are usually a ton of neat cards in her shop, and they cover all kinds of pop culture properties. Her airbrushed art style is fun and unique, and I like browsing her stuff periodically to see what new work she's done.

My collection organization project is going okay so far, with nearly 2,000 cards sorted and entered into the Trading Card Database. I'm sure my pace will fluctuate at times, but hopefully I can keep plugging away at it and get my cards into some kind of order before the year is out.


  1. Congratulations on your friend winning her match! One of my co-workers was a mma fighter and it was pretty exciting to watch him fight a few times. As for the artist, she has some really cool stuff in her store. Love the Vader comic book cover.

    1. I was pretty happy for her. She had a tough loss in her previous fight, so getting this victory under her belt was really great.

      Bianca Thompson has some fun stuff in her shop! There are always at least a couple of her items saved in my watch list.