29 December 2013

The Die is Cast 1: Why? Because Race Car.

Lionel Racing was clearing out a bunch of 2012 NASCAR die-cast (they still are, too) and I thought that was the perfect opportunity to get myself some little metal cars. These things are pretty cool. I got a couple of Dale Earnhardt Jr. cars and a couple of Danica Patrick cars. I had to get an AMP Energy car even though I am trying to cut back on the energy drinks and I also got a National Guard-sponsored car since I've spent around 40% of my life as a Guardsman. I got the Batman movie car there on the left because it was $8 and I couldn't pass up that deal. My favorite Danica Patrick car is that blacked-out Stealth variant on the right, although the other one is pretty nice too. Behind the cars you can see the patron saints of pop culture, who help me to get my homework done when I really am struggling to get going.

I don't really know where I am going with the whole die-cast thing, but I sure do like the cars. They can be pretty expensive, especially if you are buying the current models. The ones on clearance are generally there for a reason. I will need to focus pretty tightly on one or two specific subjects of interest or risk spending way too much money on them. Maybe I will order one or two of my favorite drivers per year and keep it at that. The ones I really want right now are the pink-accented Breast Cancer Awareness cars for Earnhardt Jr. and Patrick, as well as an orange AMP car that is out for Earnhardt Jr. There are a couple of camouflage variants sponsored by various military services that I like, but I am trying to decide whether I want to start collecting past cars or pick a definite starting point and work forward from there, avoiding the problem of trying to deal with the backlog of previous releases. Anyway, these aren't going to be an extremely frequent thing for me to post, but I imagine I will pick up a new one from time to time.

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