28 December 2013

Pack of the Day 47: 2013 Bowman Chrome Hobby Box #2

This is the final box of cards I came home with from my local shop's 20th anniversary party. It has been so long since I scanned these cards and began this post that I have misplaced the sheet of paper I had with all of the data I had regarding how many cards I pulled from the base set and whatnot.

I was glad to pull copies of the Dickey and Reddick base cards as I had them already for my base set but not for the respective rainbows I am putting together for them. Milone and Encarnacion are included in the photo simply because I like them as players and they balanced out the scan nicely.

For the prospects I just looked for the most obviously-posed cards in the box. That Jack Leathersich pose is especially nice, although Kyle Smith and Dustin Geiger have that artsy "looking away from the camera and dreaming of a call-up" vibe to them.

These are all base Refractors. Harper isn't a bad pull. I guess Trumbo and Longoria aren't too bad, either, but I kind of have a Harper PC. I really need to set up a system for organizing my cards. Right now my system is to put the card on top of the least precarious-looking stack of cards.

My prospect Refractor is of C.J. Edwards. Who is C.J. Edwards? I don't know.

My Risin' Thru The Ranks mini-Refractor is another C.J., this time C.J. Cron. I think I have a couple of his cards, but other than that I don't know anything about him.

I think this set is called Bowman Sapphire Greatest Rookie Reprints or something. Ken Griffey Jr. is a pretty good pull, and breaks my streak of guys named C.J. and also my streak of guys who I don't know anything about.

I got a Blue Refractor of Matt Kemp, which is pretty nice with the blue uniform and all. My Google tells me that these are numbered out of # / 250. 

I also got this Purple Refractor of B.J. Boyd, another guy who goes by his initials. I am told these are numbered out of # / 199. So I didn't pull any crazy colored Refractors out of either of my Bowman Chrome boxes. Oh well.

The promised autograph from this box comes from Luis Torrens, a Yankees prospect who I have also never heard of. Every time I see this card it really bothers me that his signature is off to the right like that. I just want to nudge it over a little bit into the center.

According to the box lid, every third box contains an extra prospect autograph. I guess this was the third box, because I also got this Refractor autograph of Victor Roache, numbered out of # / 500, if I recall the number correctly.

So that's the end of the second box of Bowman Chrome that I came home from the party with. I guess the Bowman Black Collection autograph of Mac Williamson from the first box is the big hit. Nothing else too exciting came from the boxes. All told, I probably wouldn't buy this product again, but I wouldn't turn down another free box of it. I was bouncing back and forth between this and a box of regular Chrome while I was in the shop, and I don't know if I made the right choice. I will never know. I can't remember if that wraps up the posts for my stuff from the party or not. There is one more box. It is NASCAR stuff, so I know you folks will actively avoid clicking the link to read it, but I don't care. I will write about it and post it anyway because I like that stuff. Maybe I am a little too defensive about my NASCAR stuff. Maybe I will do a while week of alternating posts covering NASCAR stuff and My Little Pony cards.


  1. CJ Edwards was one of the the Rangers' top pitching prospects, until he was traded to the Cubs in the Matt garza debacle. He ended the year as one of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball.

  2. I love that Torrens. Agree with Zippy.