30 December 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 30: A Bunch of Josh Reddick Stuff

Over the past couple of months I have added a few things to my Josh Reddick PC by way of eBay. This is sort of a catch-all to get me (sort of) up to date on them. I got the Allen & Ginter's autograph for a couple of bucks. Not too bad. I also added a couple of legitimate parallels to my 2013 Topps Super-Rainbow. Topps used the same picture of Reddick for Opening Day, Flagship, Topps Chrome, and Topps Mini, so I am combining them to see how many I can get. I think I am up over 25 variations now. I showed them to my wife the other day and she didn't understand why I would try to do something like that. The Sapphire parallel looks a lot like the Blue Sparkle Wrapper Redemption parallel, but it is serially-numbered, so it is different. The scan of the Camo parallel looks a lot like the Camo Refractor parallel from Topps Chrome, but in real life the cards look pretty different. I guess the logo is different, too, but who looks at stuff like that?

2013 Allen & Ginter's Framed Mini Autograph, 2013 Topps Sapphire #15 / 25,
2013 Topps Camo # 66 / 99
I also added an illegitimate parallel to the Super-Rainbow, in the form of this Wal-Mart Blue card that made it out of the factory with no foil stamping. This is not the sort of thing I would seek out regularly, but it does add one more slightly different card to the stack.

I also got this pretty neat card from the Sega Card-Gen set out of Japan. I sure do like these things. Most of my other ones are from the Blue Jays, and this was the first Reddick I've seen on eBay. Pretty cool stuff.

The seller also included these soccer cards that appear to be from a similar sort of set done up by Panini? I am not sure if they are actually part of a game, but the rating system shown on the cards sure seems to be consistent with your standard sports video game.

The back of the cards repeats the ratings from the front, and also shows a diagram of a soccer field with colored squares seemingly representing where the player's relative strengths lie. Along the right side of the field are percentages? maybe signifying how much time the player spends in a particular third of the field? I really don't know.

Pretty cool freebies, if you ask me. I like this kind of stuff, with ratings and colored squares and the metric system.


  1. One of these days I need to add a Reddick autograph to my A's PC... and that good lookin' A&G card might be the one I chase down. Can't wait to see the completed super rainbow... that's one of my favorite cards of 2013.

    1. I need to do another set of scans for the Super Rainbow so I can do another post for it. I am up to thirty different variations on the card now, but I will probably be stalled out there for a while now.