25 December 2013

Just the Commons, Ma'am 2: Copycat

I ordered a few things from Just Commons a while back, sparked mostly by a blog post I saw featuring a card that I just had to have. I will get to that card in a minute, but first I will show the stuff I got to get my order across the $10 free shipping threshold.

First I had to fill out my set of World Baseball Classic inserts from this year's Topps Series 2. I like seeing all of the colorful uniforms and I like the design of the set, too. Topps also released a higher-end product devoted to the WBC this year under the Tribute moniker. I would like to get a few cards from that set. The relics in the Tribute WBC set are especially nice. The autographs would also look good, if not for the fact that they are stickers that really stand out on the cards.

Then I grabbed a few things I was still missing from the Opening Day insert sets. I probably should have grabbed two copies of the Reddick card so that I could have one for my PC and one for the set, but I'm sure I can pick one up later if I ever really feel the need.

In addition to the Superstar Celebrations cards I also added a few Play Hard inserts to my cart.

I was also able to fill out the Mascots set, with Paws, Orbit, Pirate Parrot, and Raymond, who I hear is loved by everybody.

Last, but not least, I grabbed a Verlander Opening Day Stars 3-D card and the last couple of Ballpark Fun Cards I needed. Now to complete my version of the set I just need one more Opening Day Stars 3-D card and a big pile of the blue sparkly parallels, which seem to have dried up a bit on the secondary market. Or maybe I have been ignoring them in my pursuit of the Gold parallels from Topps Archives.

I already had copies of these Bowman base cards of Josh Reddick and R.A. Dickey as part of the set I put together (maybe I just bought a set, I can't remember), but I needed them for inclusion in the respective rainbows I am building of these particular cards.

And here is the card that started it all. I saw someone post the Derek Holland card on their blog and mention that it could be found in the $2.00 autographs and relics section of Just Commons, so I had to chase it down and add that sweet mustache to my collection. It'd be nicer on a product with logos and whatnot, but I can live with it. I also grabbed up autographs from Tommy Milone and J.D. Martinez, but the Holland was the card that started this whole thing. I'm pretty happy with it.

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