20 December 2013

What eBay Hath Wrought 29, Rainbow in the Dark 5: Addition to the R.A. Dickey Bowman Rainbow and Some Other eBay Stuff

Over the last couple of weeks I have added a few cards to my collection and instead of giving them individual posts of their own I thought I would just shotgun them all into this one post. The common thread among these cards is that they all came from eBay. First up is another addition to my R.A. Dickey 2013 Bowman rainbow. This is the Bowman Chrome Black Refractor, numbered # 05 / 15. I am running out of cards in this rainbow that are feasible for me to acquire, but I will be keeping an eye out for others just in case.

It is hard to nail down an 'expected' price for any given card, as it seems like the range can be quite large depending on how many copies of it have popped up recently, what new sets have come out, when the auction ends, and any number of other factors. I think I paid more for this than I did for the Topps Chrome Atomic Refractor that was numbered out of # / 10. Josh Reddick has two Atomic Refractors on eBay at the moment, but both of them are priced exorbitantly. One is over double what I paid for the Atomic Dickey, and one is about quadruple. I want the card, but not for that price.

Some Reddick cards that I was able to add to my Reddick Topps Super-Rainbow hail from the Topps Mini set. I wasn't able to pull any of his colored parallels from the boxes I opened, but I was able to get the Gold and Pink parallels from eBay, numbered out of # / 62 and # / 25, respectively. I usually don't type these posts up at home, so I don't know the actual numbers on these cards. That pink and green is pretty garish. I love it.

I also added a couple more of the 2013 Topps Archives Gold cards to my set. With a couple more that are pending shipping, I am just four away from having the whole set. I don't really know what to say about these cards anymore. I think Musial completed the 50-card subset in the 1990 Topps design. The other three designs still have at least one card that I'm missing.

Joey Votto is pretty happy on this card. The Archives set seems to have a lot of happy dudes in it, so that's pretty cool. I've still got to get Manny Machado, Ken Griffey Jr., Robin Yount, and Ryne Sandberg to complete my set. Someone commented on here a while back offering the Sandberg for trade, and I will need to get back to them on that. I have been buried under a mountain of schoolwork and life stuff lately, so I have not made the time to stay up on blog comments and e-mails like I should.


  1. That Reddick card was one of the best this year. I kept thinking it was one of those "Out of Bounds" SP's and getting giddy every time I pulled it.

    1. It is a pretty nice card. I think I have 25 different variations of it now from the various Topps products. It's getting to be quite the rainbow.