07 January 2015

Wallet Card 2015

The minds over at Baseball Card Breakdown have created a game, and that game has taken over the baseball card blogosphere. The game is called Wallet Card, and the idea behind it is to find a card that you like seeing and keep it in your wallet. Throughout the year you can take it out and take pictures of it in the places you visit. The camera on my phone is terrible and I don't take many pictures anyway, but I guess I can carry a card around in my wallet and see how it looks at the end of the year. I got a little preview of what it might look like after a year when my dogs and/or kids knocked some cards off of the sorting table yesterday and did a little accelerated wear test on them. At some point after the cards were dislodged, someone decided to rub them on something abrasive and then fold them neatly into halves and quarters. So Jon Singleton's 2014 Bowman Chrome Refractor # 418 / 500 is no longer with us, along with a couple of other shiny Bowman Singleton cards.

The card I chose as my wallet card came in the mail just a day or so ago, and it is R.A. Dickey's issue from 2014 Topps Mini Baseball. My wallet doesn't fold, as I have a slim wallet that fits in my front pocket because my old thick folding wallet hurt my back when I sat on it all day every day. And when you put a thick wallet in your front pocket people tend to get the wrong idea about how much you like them. A mini-sized card fits just right inside the ID pocket where I keep my various forms of identification. The card came from the Cards on Cards group break that was held recently. I owe Kerry a return package and a blog post detailing the stuff he sent me, but I am waiting on some stuff to arrive in the mail before I can ship the package and I am waiting on my lazy streak to end before I write the blog post. I am afraid that there are a rather large number of bloggers and friends who are waiting on packages and/or blog posts from me.

The wallet came from Saddleback Leather, an outfit that makes some seriously high-quality leather products. They use extremely thick leather and the most durable fasteners they can find, and their products are guaranteed to outlast their owners. I would love to get one of their larger bags, like a briefcase or a backpack, but that kind of quality doesn't come cheap. I tend to tear up my backpacks and bags pretty good, though, so the lifetime guarantee is pretty appealing. And nothing really matches the smell of leather or the look of a well-worn piece of cowhide. I really like my wallet, and I hope that some day I can order a bigger piece from them.


  1. "......when you put a thick wallet in your front pocket people tend to get the wrong idea about how much you like them....."

    I LOL'd at this.

  2. I'm a front pocket wallet myself.

    Maybe someone will say, "Is that a Dickey in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

    I'll stop now.

  3. You're going to need a full-time moderator for your comments section if these keeps up!

  4. No man should be caught with a lil' dickey